Timo Image Optimizer v1.0

Timo is an app for batch-converting image files. It can optimize PNG/JPG/WEBP images to reduce the file size without a noticeable loss in quality.


  • Optimize PNG, JPG, and WebP images – Reduce file size without noticeable change in quality
  • Batch convert multiple image files – Use all CPU cores for faster processing
  • Convert from more than 100 image formats
  • Convert to popular output formats – Supports PNG, JPG, WebP, AVIF, HEIC, GIF, TIFF, and BMP.
  • Compare Quality – Compare input and output images by dragging a slider to view differences.
  • Output options – Save output files to a subfolder, save them with a new name or naming pattern, or move the input files to a backup folder.
  • File manager integration – Adds an entry to the right-click context menu of Thunar and Nemo for easy access.
  • Gtk4 UI – Uses GTK4 and Adwaita libraries for a modern look
  • Native packaging – Install from the Apt repository for Debian and Ubuntu.
  • Native binaries – Written in Vala and C for best performance.

Try the App

A trial version of Timo can be installed using the command below:


wget -O - https://packages.teejeetech.com/install-timo-trial.sh | bash


wget -O - https://packages.teejeetech.com/uninstall-timo-trial.sh | bash

The trial version is just a demo. Upgrade to the full version to save the converted images.


A personal license for Timo is available from the link below. This is a single-user license with perpetual validity and includes future updates.


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