Asmi 24.04 Released

The final release of Asmi 24.04 is now available.

Asmi 24.04 Desktop

Asmi 24.04 Desktop

What’s New

See the Release Notes for more information.


This distribution is available as a free download. ISO files are linked below.

ISO Name Download Links Size Installed Build Date
asmi-24.04.iso Direct GDrive 2.5 GiB 6 GiB 2024-04-27
asmi-24.04-mini.iso Direct GDrive 1.8 GiB 4 GiB 2024-04-27


ISO Name MD5
asmi-24.04.iso d4e794436d969420e67ab12e18ec1d58
asmi-24.04-mini.iso 38b208bb1393aca4687d4bfc77acc339

Please Use Ventoy or Etcher to boot the ISO from a USB drive. Both BIOS and EFI boot are supported.

Note: This is a Linux distribution that is provided free of charge. It is provided “as is” without support or warranty. If you wish to report an issue or request a feature, please send an email to [email protected].

If you find this distribution to be useful, you can make a donation using the link below.

People who donate will get access to refreshed ISO images for Asmi 24.04 that can be used for new installations. Refreshed ISOs will be available on the same schedule as Ubuntu. For example, Asmi 24.04.1 will be available the same week after Ubuntu 24.04.1 is released.


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